The Benefits Of A Tailored Suit

custom tailored suits make the wearer appear distinguished and important, because a well fitting suit made of a quality fabric is always flattering. A custom suit is especially beneficial for a person with a hard to fit body. If their shoulders are unusually narrow or they are extra tall, thin or full bodied, it is often easier to get a suit that fits if it is custom tailored.

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Custom Tailoring for the Unique Body

Super thin people have just as much trouble finding clothes that fit properly as do super large people or people with an unusual body feature, such as a hump back or very long arms. If you have a professional job, it is important that you dress according to your position. Custom tailored suits provide for all of those unique characteristics.

What is Custom Tailoring?

Custom tailoring is measuring the human body in detail, so that a suit can be made to fit your body perfectly. Not only will your measurements be taken into account, so will your preferences. If you don't like square shoulders, or rounded shoulders, or fitted waists, those attribute will be eliminated. The fabric will be selected and the suit will be designed. It will be single breasted or double breasted. It will have breast pockets, patch pockets versus welt pockets, as well as pleats, vents, interlinings and linings. All that will be discussed to create the ultimate suit for the individual.

Who Should Wear a Suit?

Suits are appropriate for men and women in professional positions. Doctors, lawyers, business owners, some salespersons, teachers, and person aspiring to any of those positions should wear suits. They give the wearer a look of seriousness that is needed to inspire confidence.

Suits Come in Many Styles

A custom tailored suit can come in a wide variety of looks. The double breasted jacket has been a stable in every man's wardrobe for centuries. It is often made with a minimum of six buttons, four of them opening and closing the jacket. The single breasted jacket has been a part of men's clothing for the longest time, about The lapel is another factor that contributes to the look of a jacket. Notched lapels are the most common, peak lapels follow in popularity and finally the shawl collar made popular in tuxedos. Trims are the final attributes that make the jacket. It is more appropriate to wear a jacket with Velvet or satin shawl collar to an opera, an opening or an elegant party. Patch pockets are casual while welt pockets indicate formality.

The Best Custom Tailored Suit Materials

The best materials for suits are wools because they mould beautifully when steamed. Cottons and linens are nice breathable fabrics for the summer and spring, but they don't mould well and wrinkle a great deal. The ideal fabrics are cotton, linen or polyester blended with wool. Wool is also a breathable fabric. When wool is blended with polyester, linen or cotton it is that much more workable and less subject to wrinkling.

A custom tailored suit will give you the look of a perfect fitting garment. You will look like a professional at the top of your game. Its perfect fit gives the impression of confidence, success and proficiency.